Rustic Face - Landing Page Design for Digital Agency
Prototyping, Wireframing, Branding, Design, Adaptive design
Rustic Face is a digital agency in the USA. Company will help business grow x2 using unique and effective strategies . Agency provide the following services: video editing, social media marketing, web development.
About project
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6 days to develop a website for an american digital agency
All work on the project took 6 days and consisted of the following stages: UX Research, Prototyping, Wireframing, Branding, Design, Adaptive design. Then we completed the development in the Front-End and Back-end part.
We have developed a comprehensive branding for the entire project
Minimalistic design style that is great for adapting the site to USA market
In addition to the site, we make promotional video about the company
We used 3D illustrations throughout the site
We use only modern technologies that are used in any country
When developing a design, we immediately think about the technical part of the project, which we implement at the programming stage. Therefore, we use only convenient technologies. In this project, these are: Adobe Photoshop (Prototyping and interface design, Photo processing and image manipulation), Adobe Illustrator (Branding and illustrations), Adobe Lightroom (Photo processing, color correction)
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