Silver token. Your token.
A new form of everyday financial operations and passive income.
The silver token
The main coin metal in history is silver, not gold
Milton Friedman, Economist.
Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics.
The silver token (AG47) is a stablecoin 3.0 of the Argentum47 project, that can be used to pay for services and goods, including in regions with poor Internet coverage. The idea of the token goes back to the Silver standard, which worked effectively for more than 2500 years until the 30s of the 20th century.
Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics.
Peg to a troy ounce of silver, not to fiat currencies
Provides an investment instrument with optimal volatility both for saving money and for making financial transactions

Saves your money from inflation

In addition, you can get additional silver for free if you use farming, landing and staking services
Use of blockchain technology and USSD protocol
Guarantees the operation of a stablecoin without the Internet

Protects transactions and savings, as the USSD protocol is the most secure information transfer channel among existing technologies

Records USSD requests to the blockchain along with blockchain transactions
Ensures wide distribution of the token

Offers familiar financial infrastructure
Partnerships with telecom operators and payment services
Total number of tokens - 100 million
AG47 is equal to the value of a troy ounce on the stock exchange. Phased release of tokens is provided, which depends on the development of new markets and an increase in the volume of trade
Time, month
Company growth
Token, mln
Token launch
1st stage of growth
2nd stage of growth
3rd stage of growth
The remaining 20 million tokens are reserved by the Сrypto island partner project
When investing at the current stage, the token is sold at a discount, depending on the number of purchased tokens
Number of tokens
On request
A buyback mechanism is provided by the exchange of a token for a physical supply of silver bars
Pre-seed investment stage
  • legal and organizational issues
  • detailed study of the technical White paper
  • hiring a development team
  • MVP launch
  • conducting a secondary end-user custdev
  • search and custdev of business partners
  • launch of a PR campaign (media, social, bounty, advisors, etc.)
  • signing memorandums with telecom companies and payment services
Seed investment stage
  • token launch
  • cooperation with telecom operators and payment services
  • signing memorandums with brokers, mining, refinery and logistics companies
  • entering the markets of Turkey and India
Round A
  • entering the markets of LatAm, Africa, Asia
  • launch of a large-scale business development campaign (for business units (hotels, restaurants, online/offline stores, etc.) and for blockchain projects (GameFi, SocialFi, metaverses, NFT release, etc.))
Round B
  • development of products for additional income
  • exchange of tokens for silver bars
  • creation of a platform for listing other tokens (own and independent)
  • sale of commodities tokenization technology
Round C
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